Welcome to TikTok, Lana Del Rey

Welcome to TikTok, Lana Del Rey

Iconic millennial Lana Del Rey just joined Gen-Z's favorite app. No, not Robinhood… TikTok!

The musician, currently in promo mode for her upcoming record Chemtrails Over the Country Club (out March 19), is yet to make her first post, but the blue check confirms it's her. Tragically, she did not go the Billie Eilish route of starting off with a joke handle.

So what can we expect from this new social media foray? Lana's brand is strong, and her bio is a characteristically airy poem: "I thought somebody could tell me how — but I found nobody could." (We get it, the For You page takes a bit of getting used to.)

In other words, we doubt she'll be dueting with Charli D'Amelio or participating in whatever viral #challenge is trending. More like filming some heavily filtered videos of crashing waves out the car window. Which would be perfect, and far preferable to any unfiltered rants about race and gender in the music industry.

Whatever happens, hit follow for moods and vibes and maybe even some snippets from the upcoming record.

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