See Lady Gaga's Entire Chromatica Ball Wardrobe

See Lady Gaga's Entire Chromatica Ball Wardrobe

The wait for Chromatica Ball is finally over, with Lady Gaga kicking off her 18-city tour in Düsseldorf, Germany over the weekend.

There's new choreography and familiar visuals by Nick Knight, as well as some fantastical stage looks courtesy of fashion director Nicola Formichetti and stylists Sandra Amador and Tom Erebout.

To no surprise, she went full story-telling mode with the outfits, each piece a reflection of the futuristic cyberpunk era she's been cultivating for the last 2+ years. Just take the opening interlude, which conjured a brutalist-inspired landscape: naturally, she went with Gareth Pugh, the English designer known for his dark, avant-garde aesthetic.

The first look was a black leather piece from Pugh's landmark Spring 2007 collection, a tribute to a similar custom bronze Pugh outfit she wore in a 2009 X-Factor performance. She followed it up with a custom gray Pugh look that came with enclosed armor which she burst out of.

Alexander McQueen, another of Gaga's go-tos, made the biker jacket, crystal harness and liquid gold ensemble while another video interlude saw her in several archive haute couture looks from Christian Lacroix Fall 2007 and Fall 2009.

It wasn't just established houses she went with. Gaga also wore a look from emerging London-based designer Bradley Sharpe's Spring 2022 collection for another Nick Knight video interlude (Sharpe also made the tent dress she famously wore for her 2020 Billboard shoot).

And Gaga's sister Natali Germanotta (she has a label called Topo Studio) made the red chiffon number for her Alice performance. For this look, Gaga paired them with custom gloves from Irish designer Paula Rowan.

See more of Lady Gaga's stage looks in the gallery, below.

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