Kitten's 'Got Me Feelin Like a Young Angelina'

Kitten's 'Got Me Feelin Like a Young Angelina'

If you're looking to cruise into the weekend with an effervescent, retro-future bop that has huge sing-along potential, look no further than Kitten's "Angelina."

The first single from the group's forthcoming record, it's the kind of perfect pop rock jam that makes you feel like you're the main character in a '90s movie (or a young Angelina Jolie), driving down the freeway in a top-down convertible.

And as a spunky, bliss-filled song that feels simultaneously fresh and familiar, it's fitting that the video — starring frontwoman Chloe Chaidez — is also a fun, free-spirited romp through LA.

Directed by her mom Natalie, the visual for "Angelina" sees Chaidez living her best life as she vibes around the city with her all-female skate crew and hangs in a vintage convertible with bandmates Parker Silzer and David Stagno. But aside from just having a good time, Chaidez says that filming was made even more special thanks to the family connection and her current mindset.

"My mother directed this video with me, which was a very special experience. I wanted to capture my current life and the the skater girl culture in LA, while being a little glam too," as she explained. And judging from the video, they hit the mark perfectly.

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Angelina" and stream it, below.

Photo courtesy of Tsarina Merrin