Kim Kardashian is Slowly Revealing the Entirety of Yeezy Season 6

Kim Kardashian is Slowly Revealing the Entirety of Yeezy Season 6

If you've been following the progression of Yeezy, Kanye West's collaboration with Adidas, you'll know it's been a real roller coaster. We've seen Ian Connor's rise and demise, models faint, CFDA condemnations, problematic casting calls and Kylie Jenner's professionalism, and through it all has been West's wife and style icon Kim Kardashian. She has worn the tracksuits, the jewelry and many, many bodycon pieces.

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In the lead up to the premiere of Yeezy Season 6—which could debut at this coming NYFW—Kim has donned full Yeezy look after look since October. This, we can assume, is because of the power of Kim's social media as a marketing tool (her latest perfumes made her $10 million in one day with no other advertising other than her own social posts), but what will this mean for the impending Yeezy show? Will there be a show at all? Or just a "shop the line" via Kim's Instagram? Do we need fashion week at all anymore? Was your mother wrong all this time and life really is a catwalk?

Who knows, but until we work it out here is Yeezy Season 6 as-seen-on-Kim below.

Also here is Kim doing a series of mere mortal everyday activities, probably while she interviews Steph Shep's replacement, in Yeezy. Call the paparazzi! It's an impromptu Yeezy show.

All images via Kim Kardashians Instagram/Twitter.