Kim Kardashian Is Now Selling Home Decor Made of Concrete

Kim Kardashian Is Now Selling Home Decor Made of Concrete

Kim Kardashian is about to give Gwyneth Paltrow a run for her money.

Whether you like them or not, it's no question that both stars are top-notch businesswomen with constantly expanding portfolios that include everything from skincare to underwear. However, Kim definitely has some catching up to do when it comes to the lifestyle space, which Paltrow dominates with her infamous Goop brand. But while Kim may have yet to debut a banana lamp or a vagina-scented candle, it seems as if she's starting to broaden her horizons by taking a cue from the Oscar winner — specifically through a new line of quirky home decor.

As part of her Skkn by Kim skincare line, the 41-year-old reality superstar has launched a new five-piece collection of accessories for every part of your home — including several types of containers, a $89 tissue box and a $129 trash can — all of which appears to be inspired by Kim's own minimalist digs. And the kicker? They're all made of hand-poured concrete.

"I think having the concrete material and monochromatic design are important for my mental wellness. I find that there is so much chaos out in the world that when I come home, the minimalist design creates a sense of quiet and calm,"The Kardashians star told Architectural Digest, before explaining the home goods idea came to her while designing the new Skkn packaging.

"I wanted the packaging to look really good in my own home. All my inspiration was concrete sculpture and varying shades of stone," as Kim continued. "For these new home accessories, I wanted to make sure they really complemented the skin-care line, and were designed to display my products and elevate any home with modern, minimalistic elegance."

That said, there are some complications that come with using concrete, as all the products are pretty heavy and have the potential to dent your floor if dropped. Not only that, but the entire line also has some strict cleaning instructions that caution against using terrycloth or microfiber towels, as well as storing the objects in sunlight, using products that could stain the concrete and submerging them in water.

The Skkn by Kim Home Accessories Collection debuts on October 6. But in the meantime, you can read what Kim has to say about the collection via Architectural Digest here.

Photo via Getty / Rich Polk