Kim Kardashian Goes Viral for (Not) Crying

Kim Kardashian Goes Viral for (Not) Crying

Kim Kardashian is going viral for crying... or not. In the aftermath of the Season two premiere of The Kardashians, a fan speculated that Kim’s emotional confessional may not have been as genuine as we thought.

A viral TikTok claims Kim’s cry was manufactured. In the scene in question, Kim is "crying" over Khloe Kardashian’s ever-tumultuous relationship with Tristan Thompson and expresses her tear-filled dream for her sister to find true love. Khloe welcomed her surrogate-born son following a third cheating scandal in the episode.

But TikTok users aren’t too convinced. In the video, TikToker Michelle Driscoll claims the tear is CGI since it remains intact and untouched by Kim when she goes to wipe her eyes. Captioning the video, “y’all please tell me you see this cgi tear on kardashians,” Driscoll points to the perfectly formed tear and triumphantly shouts, “that’s a fake tear, that’s cgi!”


Y’all please tell me you see this cgi tear on kardashians #kimkardashian #thekardashianshulu #thekardashians

But Driscoll has far from cracked the case. In the comment section, TikTok-users-turned-CGI-experts weighed in on the tear's validity. Commenter @denadobena’s husband works in visual effects and said he found the tear to be perfectly plausible, though they may have applied beauty effects.

Others noted that Kim is often the one to get emotional. We’ve seen her go cry-val for losing her earring. Add in her own short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries and it’s not hard to believe that her sister’s relationship troubles would be enough to push her to tears.

Some thought Driscoll’s time could be better spent elsewhere, as could all of ours. Nonetheless, we will be spending the next 24 hours doing extensive research on CGI (in the TikTok comments).

Photo courtesy of Owen Kolasinski/BFA