Kid Cudi Hits Back at Painted Nails Criticism

Kid Cudi Hits Back at Painted Nails Criticism

Kid Cudi has no time for those criticizing his beauty choices.

This past weekend, the rapper took to Instagram with a selfie of himself wearing a helmet inspired by the Mandalorian. However, it soon became obvious that his bright blue-and-orange manicure was the actual center of attention, albeit in a less than ideal way.

Shortly after uploading the pic, Cudi turned off the comments and later explained that he didn't want to waste his time addressing the trollish backlash to his painted nails.

"Seems people really have a problem w me painting my nails," he tweeted, adding that he had "got tired of blockin so many accounts."

"I really need u to understand, if u dont like me doin this or anything I do, please dont buy my albums, dont come to my shows," Cudi went on to declare before concluding, "Fuck way off." Which, honestly, is probably the only way to handle complaints as ridiculous as this.

Check out Cudi's posts for yourself, below.

Photo via Getty/ Michael Hickey