Khloé Kardashian Now Has Two True Crime Shows

Khloé Kardashian Now Has Two True Crime Shows

Khloé Kardashian lowkey has the most interesting side hustle of any Kardashian. No, not the denim line — her promising career as a true crime TV show producer. Last year, Investigation Discovery aired the first season of Twisted Sisters, which Kardashian spearheaded. Audiences went wild, and now Investigation Discovery has announced a spin-off series, Twisted Love.

Sorry, but why aren't more people talking about this? Maybe true crime doesn't have the Instagrammable allure of POOSH, or Kylie Cosmetics, or Kim's many aesthetic pursuits, but it is unquestionably fun, and both shows sound highly watchable. It makes sense that Khloé is interested in the genre — her father was a central figure in one of America's most fascinating murder cases, after all.

She might also be… working through some shit. Khloé is literally famous for being a sibling, and Twisted Sisters examines sadistic crimes committed by sisters. She's also famous for a dramatic romantic life marked by unexpected betrayal, and Twisted Love is... a show about "what happens when love and affection spiral into a twisted web of extreme obsession and jealousy."

Is she trying to tell us something? Perhaps. So let's listen! Twisted Love, co-executive produced by Khloé Kardashian, will launch in 2020. Twisted Sisters is streaming now.

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