Khalid Talks Social Anxiety

Khalid Talks Social Anxiety

One of our fave singer-songwriters Khalid hasn't ever been shy to talk about his mental health. This time last year, the R&B artist openly discussed his issues on social media following a Twitter feud. Now, he's out here talking about social anxiety, specifically.

On Sunday afternoon, out of nowhere, Khalid tweeted, "shout out to social anxiety haha." This led to tweets of concern from fans. It all started with questions like "fr u okay?," to which he replied, "I'm good deep breaths." Then the singer dug deeper as his fans were genuinely curious about his predicament. He retweeted and answered as many questions as he could, and soon, it turned into a whole support group thread for people who have social anxiety.

If you want to understand more about social anxiety, we suggest you read the whole exchange between Khalid and his fans below.

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