Kesha's on a roll! Today she released her third music video in almost as many weeks for moving-on anthem "Learn To Let Go," off her upcoming album, Rainbow. In this video, which she described in an essay for Huffington Post as being "about embracing your past, but not letting it define you," she wanders through Michel Gondry-esque set pieces in a magical forest, recreating clips from childhood home videos. "When we got to the studio the song just started flowing," she explained.

"My mom is always telling me how you have to learn to accept that you can't try to control everything. When you realize that you are not the one in control and you stop holding onto regrets ― it's liberating. Your past only has as much effect on your future as you want it to. It's about embracing your past, but not letting it define you."

Rainbow is set to be released on August 11th. Not sure if we've addressed the incredible album art for Rainbow but...

... yes, gawd.

Watch young Kesha being a lil peanut and older Kesha getting started on a new life below...

[youtube expand=1]

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