Okay, Kylie and Kendall Nailed It

Okay, Kylie and Kendall Nailed It

Colorful feathers are an easy shortcut to Camp, as many attendees of this year's Met Gala have happily discovered. But Kylie and Kendall Jenner did way more than what was required, and their matching fluffy gowns might just be their best respective costume institute looks yet. Certainly their most on-theme.

The sisters both wore Versace, but they each did so in their own way. Kendall went high fashion showgirl, with a fan of feathers attached to her left sleeve. Kylie wore her feathers in the form of a sultry Jessica Rabbit pastel purple boa. They both looked incredible, and we don't have a single complaint.

Okay, no. One little letdown: Kendall missing the opportunity to dye her hair orange.

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