Watch Kendall Jenner Troll Kylie's Lip Liner Obsession
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Watch Kendall Jenner Troll Kylie's Lip Liner Obsession

Kendall Jenner may not have a future in makeup artistry, but if her parody of Kylie Jenner's lip-liner addiction is any indication, maybe comedy is the route for her.

In a new promo for the upcoming season 17 finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall hilariously trolls her sister's Kylie Cosmetics posts with the help of a little liquid lipstick and a very Kylie-esque wig.

Posing as "Kylie," Kendall starts off with a few quips about how she "loves over-lining my lips."

"This is how it all started. Literally, like I just over-lined my lips and everyone was wondering what I was using," she jokes before proceeding to smear lipstick all over her teeth.

"Oh my god, it feels amazing on my skin," Kendall said. "It feels so fucking good."

But the icing on the cake is when Kendall FaceTimes Kylie to see what she thinks of her new look. So what does her sister think? Well, it's pretty much summed up by Kylie's "Oh my God."

Watch the clip, below.

Photo courtesy of E!

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