Kelis Details Near-Death Experience

Kelis Details Near-Death Experience

Kelis and her kids are safe after they “almost fell off a cliff” during the recent California snowstorm.

Posting a video recap of the mayhem that unfolded on her family’s winter exploration, Kelis explained how her trip to go snowboarding with her kids took a turn for the worst. “My plan was to take the kids to the snow, but we almost fell off a cliff !” Kelis explained in the caption. "So make the best of what ya got , n always be prepared lol.”

While driving, her car got stuck and was “hanging” and had to be towed, leaving the family stranded in the cold darkness.

“Praise God the tow truck actually made it. We’ve been outside for awhile,” she said in the video.

But lucky for Kelis (and those of us whose wellbeing is vested in her), no one was harmed. Prepared for anything and one to make the best of everything, Kelis took the opportunity to flex her “rescue fashion.”

With fuzzy fur layers, a light-up headband and silver, reflective boots, there is nothing, not even Cocaine Bear, that could’ve caught Kelis off-guard.

The wave of snowstorms sweeping the country is uncharacteristic for California. The first L.A. snowfall since 1962 has left L.A. celebrities in disbelief.

Some celebrated their first snow:

While others attempted snow art (with minimal resources and success):

Kelis, however, was not deterred by her brush with the the storm, posting another winter fit pic the next day, ready for “where the day takes me.”

Luckily, this time the day took her to a place with clear roads.

Photo courtesy of Jojo Korsh & Jason Sean/BFA