Will Katy Perry Appear on Taylor Swift's 'Evermore'?

Will Katy Perry Appear on Taylor Swift's 'Evermore'?

Katycats, we're eating tonight. Maybe. This morning Taylor Swift announced that evermore, the "sister album" to her surprise lockdown smash folklore, will drop at midnight. One of the tracks is verrry interestingly titled "Champagne Problems." Which, as you should ALL be aware, is also a Katy Perry single from 2020's Smile.

What does it mean? You have to believe that Taylor Swift, master of the easter egg, is aware that the words "Champagne Problems" immediately bring to mind her former rival. Swift and Perry famously feuded for years, and the rift inspired such vitriolic tracks as Swift's "Bad Blood" and Perry's "Swish Swish." They made up in 2019, and cookies were exchanged.

Rumors of a Swift-Perry collab have been flying around ever since they announced their peace treaty, so in theory evermore could be the moment we've all been waiting for. Or not. Please note that while there are several featured artists named on the evermore tracklist, including Haim and Bon Iver, Katy Perry's name doesn't appear anywhere.

Also relevant: "Champagne Problems" is a bizarrely popular 2010s pop song title. Both Nick Jonas and Meghan Trainor have released different yet equally unmemorable singles with the same name.

Sadly, the most likely explanation is that all of these rich popstars are experiencing separate champagne problems in their respective yachts, mansions etc. Hollywood can be hard!

For now though, as we await the release of evermore, Katy Perry fans can hope and dream.

And maybe revisit some fun archival Getty Image moments of her and Swift, pre-feud. Enjoy:

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