Karl Lagerfeld's Snowy Farewell

Karl Lagerfeld's Snowy Farewell

Today at the Grand Palais, Chanel created a snowy village reminiscent of the real thing high in the mountains. Surrounded by friends of the brand and close collaborators of the great late Karl Lagerfeld, the audience watched as Penelope Cruz walked in the show and Naomi Cambell sat front row. The collection itself was a beautiful tribute — full of classic Chanel tailoring, chalet-ready options and a beautiful selection of winter whites done right. Here's everything else you need to know about the show.

Check Mate

The collection opened up with checked patterns in various colorways and sizes layered one over the other. Long coats, trousers, hats, coats and skirts were covered in the print, and it wasn't just your traditional houndstooth.

Hair Clips

Every single model wore one form of hair accessory on their back of their hair. Whether it was a logo clip, barrette, bow or brooch, hair stylist Sam McKnight styled hair half up, half down, to show off each and every one.

Mountain Gear

Refined mountain ski inspired looks came out in the form of sweater and skirts in contrasting Fair Isle prints. There were also chunky Eskimo boots, heavy knitwear and quilted capes.

'80s Chalet Redux

Little suits, puffer coats, jackets and bodysuits with ski-like pants were sent down the runway in vivid shades of red, turquoise, neon pink and violet. The whole thing felt very '80s, particularly taking into account the silhouettes.

Bright White

Near the end of the collection, every single look was rendered in white; like a bright snowflake or a metaphorical tribute to Lagerfeld, the suiting and puffy coats and skirts felt decidedly fresh and cool in contrast to the rest of the collection.

Photos via Imaxtree