Kanye West Brings Sunday Service to Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West Brings Sunday Service to Paris Fashion Week

by Christina DeConcini

Kanye West gathered fellow famouses at Paris Fashion Week for a last-minute Sunday Service inside the Bouffes du Nord theater. The surprise invite came to attendees on Saturday, attached to their Yeezy Season 8 show passes. Yeezy's gospel service, typically based in Los Angeles with close family and friends participating, entered an entirely new atmosphere with the fashion crowd.

Clearly, Sunday Service offered an unexpected switch from the usual fashion month events... by literally bringing God to Paris rather than a pure emphasis on clothes. Regular attendees Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian were present at the show (along with North and Penelope). But some guests made a bigger sacrifice: according to Vogue, Balenciaga CEO Cédric Charbit was also in attendance, despite that his brand's Fall 2020 collection was showing just two hours later.

Despite the church setting, Sunday Service choir members were dressed in typically muted Yeezy fashion: All-beige matching sets, gold chains and Yeezy sneakers, of course. While they circled around a piano and sang a range of gospel numbers, West took a backseat for most of the production, only performing "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1."

As Vogue reports, West still made sure to deliver some cautionary words of wisdom to the crowd regarding materialism in the sermon, which is fitting, given the setting. "A lot of time we put our faith and trust in people, we put our faith and trust in material things," he said. "A lot of times those things fail us."

Those things people love more than God, according to West, include "a car, a watch, a house, our favorite outfit." The crowd seemed attentive enough, leaving us to wonder if Sunday Service will soon become a fashion week tradition. See some clips from inside the venue, below, courtesy of Olivier Rousteing.

Photo via BFA