Homeless Shelter Frustrated By Kanye West's Empty Promises

Homeless Shelter Frustrated By Kanye West's Empty Promises

A homeless shelter in Los Angeles is reportedly upset with Kanye West and his hollow promises.

According to an exclusive report from TMZ, sources connected to the LA Mission revealed that the charity is upset with the rapper over his lack of follow-through after he pledged to help tackle the city's homelessness crisis by helping them obtain jobs, education and housing during a highly publicized visit to the shelter this past winter.

“We’re told folks from the Mission have attempted to contact Ye several times since the meeting, to no avail,” the tabloid relayed, before adding that "our sources say little if anything has been done since," despite "Kanye waxing philosophical" about the cause.

In case you forgot, Ye popped up at the Mission last November, where he delivered a speech about the importance of family ahead of the holiday season. But in true Kanye fashion, his talk ended up being about his ongoing divorce from his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, and his desire to "restore" his family, saying that if God allowed Kimye to reconcile, there's "gonna be millions of families that are going to be influenced and see that they can overcome, could work as a separation of trauma."

In this particular instance though, what made staffers even more frustrated with the Jesus Is King star was a recent Instagram post about needing to "look to the children [and] look to the homeless as the biggest inspiration for all design," which was uncomfortably reminiscent of Ye's past plans to cast homeless models for a Yeezy runway show.

However, TMZ's source also went on to add that the organization is still willing to work with him because of his platform and resources, with LA Mission President and CEO Troy Vaughn telling the outlet that "we have absolutely had collaborative discussions with Ye about improving the lives of the unhoused on Skid Row, especially through design."

He added, "We are extremely optimistic that Ye will be an instrumental force in helping us launch The Skid Row Revitalization Project in the coming months."

Ye has yet to publicly respond to the report. In the meantime though, you can read the entire thing here.

Photo via Getty / Saul Loeb / AFP