Kanye West Is Only Performing Old Songs With 'More G Rated Lyrics'

Kanye West Is Only Performing Old Songs With 'More G Rated Lyrics'

Kanye West — man of God — has decided that he will no longer perform his old songs with their original lyrics.

In an interview with Big Boy on Friday, West divulged that he has no plans to ever play his old songs live again, though he did say that, "We can play that beat, but I'm going to adjust [the lyrics.]"

But what exactly does that "adjustment" entail? Well, it initially seemed as if he was interested in making them more spiritual, which means that in the case of songs like "Jesus Walks," lines like, "I ain't here to argue about his facial features / Or here to convert atheists into believers," will be replaced with things like, "We are turning atheists into believers."

Now though, it appears as if these lyrical tweaks may be even more comprehensive than initially believed. According to sources speaking to TMZ, this means that for all future performances, "fans can expect to hear familiar beats and rhymes, but with altered and more 'G' rated lyrics."

"He's making music for God and is a changed man," sources said which, in addition to the "G-rated" intel, makes it seem as if he'll be ditching classic one-liners such as, "You're such a fuckin' hoe."

Then again, you never know. Guess we'll all just have to wait for the Jesus Is King tour in order to really find out.

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