Kanye Is Producing Nas' New Album

Kanye Is Producing Nas' New Album

Kanye's been making a lot of big statements and reveals on Twitter lately. Aside from giving a sneak peek of the next Yeezy collection, he's made announcements for his next production gigs. He's currently working on his own album, Pusha's, Kid Cudi's, Teyana, and the latest addition to the roster: NAS.

As one reply pointed out, this is something Kanye actually promised former president Obama over two years ago. People are expecting their minds to be blown and hopefully, this hip-hop team up does just that. After all, 44th only deserves the best.

But does this make up for Yeezy's Candace Owens comment? Um... We don't think so. But really, we're just as conflicted as everyone is.

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