8 Things the Yeezy Slide Prototypes Look Like

8 Things the Yeezy Slide Prototypes Look Like

On Thursday and Friday, Kanye tweeted out photos of blue footwear—a "rough draft" for next season's "Yeezy slides." And he seems really happy about how the prototype turned out.

The Internet, however, has a different opinion. Some tweeters basically made a list of eight things the sandals resemble.

Aside from the slides, Yeezus also gave a little preview of other new footwear designs like the "track pant boots," what looks like his take on glass slippers, and of course all new sneakers.

Although Yeezy deserves the benefit of the doubt since this is just a sneak peek, and by no means the final product, this isn't the first time the clothing line has been criticized. Previous season collections have been slammed for their high prices and questionable design.

Do you think he should just stick to his kicks?

Image via Instagram