Justin Timberlake's New 'Filthy' Video is Really Something

Justin Timberlake's New 'Filthy' Video is Really Something

There was a collective rush of excitement when Justin Timberlake announced his first project in more than five years, Man of the Woods. We dreamed of another Future Sex/Love Sounds, would relish a Justified, hell, we'd even enjoy The 20/20 Experience 2.0, but alas, it seems as if Timberlake is giving us something else entirely.

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In his new video for "Filthy," a dubstep-laced, rap-influenced electro-pop tune gunning for the top of the charts, Timberlake channels the likes of Steve Jobs and introduces a new dancing, sex-simulating robot at a tech conference before he reveals himself to be but a hologram. It's all very futuristic and nothing we could have ever predicted.

Timberlake is set to return to the Super Bowl in 2018, this time as a headliner. The announcement caused no small amount of controversy, due to the fact Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's breast during her set at the event in 2004 — Jackson has been banned from the Superb Bowl ever since. No doubt Timberlake will likely debut new music from Man of the Woods, as well as (let us pray) his biggest hits.

Enjoy JT's latest, below.