TikTok Stars Julie and Cam Lorentzen Give Fans Pregnancy Update

TikTok Stars Julie and Cam Lorentzen Give Fans Pregnancy Update

Julie and Cam Lorentzen are giving fans another intimate glimpse into their journey towards motherhood.

As some of you may know, the two are well known for sharing content about their relationship and life as a married couple with their 4.2 million TikTok followers under Julie's @julieevlorentzen account, where they've recently been documenting their in-vitro fertilization (IVF) journey.

That said, it's been an up-and-down journey, with the pair announcing Julie's pregnancy earlier this month in a heartwarming video that shows them reacting to a phone call from the IVF clinic. Sadly though, the celebration didn't last long, as the social media star later returned to the platform after two days to reveal that their "day went to hell" after taking another pregnancy test with some less than pleasant results.


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"My pregnancy hormone was 100 on Monday and, since it doubles every day, it should've been over 200 today. This just isn't good. We called our doctors and they told us to come in," as Julie said.

However, the doctor's visit actually turned out to be a good thing, seeing as how the couple — who got married this past July — then went on to upload a joyful update the very next day about another blood test that didn't leave any room for doubt," with the influencer explaining, "Our embaby just had a slow start."


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So with everything 100% confirmed, Julie and Cam have just continued to make super cute TikToks about the pregnancy, including a new video about hitting the six-week mark.

"My biggest symptom this week is [breast growth]. I honestly don't know what's happened to these," Julie jokingly said before revealing that while "the morning sickness is gone completely." So other than a little gas and bloat, it seems as if all is well!

You can check out Julie and Cam's latest embaby update for yourself below.



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