Julia Fox's Ass Is the Reason Behind Her Dramatic Eye Makeup

Julia Fox's Ass Is the Reason Behind Her Dramatic Eye Makeup

Julia Fox says her butt is the reason behind her infamous beauty look.

Since making her Paris Fashion Week debut with former boyfriend Kanye West, the Uncut Gems actress has been sporting the dramatic "Fox eye," or a smudged out wing created by using what appears to be an entire palette's worth of heavy black eyeshadow. And with the end result being something that people have compared to a My Chemical Romance stan and Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan, it's safe to say that the undeniably intense look was purposefully designed to turn heads. But as Fox herself recently revealed, her bold beauty choice is also supposed to divert attention away from what she believes to be a diminishing asset of hers — and she apparently means that quite literally.

“Look, I was losing weight from being so busy, and my ass went away,” the star said in her new cover story for Highsnobiety, before adding that she ended up losing 15 pounds during the month she dated West.

“And so, I had to focus on my second-best feature," Fox continued. "My eyes.”

That said, the publication also revealed that legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath was the real mastermind behind her now-signature eye, even though she previously attributed the look to her ex in an Instagram Story. But while Ye may not be responsible for the creation of the "Fox eye," the former dominatrix did go on to say that she still learned a few important things from her time with him — specifically when it comes to "shameless" self-promotion.

“He was the first person that I ever saw call the paparazzi or stage situations. I would’ve never done that,” she said, before adding, "Don’t be ashamed to call the paparazzi."

"When I would hear about celebrities doing that, I used to be snobby about it. ‘What losers. LOL,’" as she continued. "But now I’m like, ‘No, that’s how it works.’

Fox went on to add, "It’s not the most flattering thing to admit. But it’s the fucking truth — and they all do it.”

You can read Fox's entire Highsnobiety cover story here.

Photo via Getty / Edward Berthelot