JoJo Siwa Name Dropped the 'Rudest Celebrity' She's Met

JoJo Siwa Name Dropped the 'Rudest Celebrity' She's Met

by Justine Fisher

Over 30 years since the show last aired, and there’s even more controversy surrounding the Full House cast. While Candace Cameron Bure, who played DJ Tanner, didn’t bribe any college admissions staff, she did do something even more unforgivable: She was rude to JoJo Siwa.

In a viral TikTok yesterday, the 19-year-old star subtly exposed that Cameron Bure is the rudest celebrity she has ever met. Hopping on a popular trend that led Siwa to share multiple celebrity superlatives, she flashed a photo of the actress as the “rudest” for less than a second. Of course, her followers slowed down and paused the video to discover who could possibly get on Siwa’s bad side.


Pool day = exposed hahahha

Though some thought the photo was of Ashley Brynn’s mom (a fellow Dance Moms star), Bure seemed more plausible to most. While we’re not privy to a direct interaction between them, Cameron Bure’s history of homophobic comments would be more than enough to offend Siwa, who famously came out back in January 2021.

As a conservative Christian, Cameron Bure shared many controversial opinions during her year as a host on The View. Notably, in 2015, she defended a bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, citing the right to “choose who we associate with,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

Still, Siwa didn’t take her beef with Cameron Bure too seriously, captioning the 5-second video “Pool day = exposed hahahha.” Even after calling Cameron Bure out, the remaining four seconds take on a much lighter note. Continuing to quickly flip her phone with a photo to the tune of a sped-up version of “Stir Fry,” Siwa revealed that her celebrity crush is Zendaya (because whose isn’t), Miley Cyrus is the nicest celebrity she’s ever met and Elton John is the coolest.

Then, for the grande finale, Siwa flipped her phone to reveal the celebrity that did her dirty: Spongebob. Though this might be an innocuous joke, Siwa could be alluding to her public criticism of Nickelodeon. In April, she questioned why she wasn’t invited to the 2022 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, pondering whether being openly queer and cutting her hair was a factor, according to Page Six. Ironically, they even played one of her songs. Similarly, she complained in 2021 that the company arbitrarily barred her from performing songs she wrote for The J Team. We're here for Siwa being unafraid to expose the truth.

Photo via Getty/ Sarah Morris