JoJo Siwa and Savannah Demers Spotted Making Eyes at Erewhon

JoJo Siwa and Savannah Demers Spotted Making Eyes at Erewhon

What if we kissed in the $10 bottled water aisle at Erewhon? JoJo Siwa and fellow TikToker Savannah Demers were caught (smoothies in hand) leaving Erewhon on what appeared to be a red-hot date. Or maybe they were out of just eggs and hemp milk.

The two teen TikTokers were spotted leaving the supermarket by Hollywood Life, with Siwa toting two grocery bags while Demers gripped plastic forks and tucked a smoothie under her arm. Which seems relatively innocuous, until you see the paparazzi pictures taken inside the grocery store (available for perusal over at Hollywood Life).

At the checkout line, Siwa and Demers look into each other's eyes, grinning from ear to ear in a way that no one should when they find out the total of their Erewhon haul. Holywood Life also notes that Siwa held the door open for Demers, whose hands were full between the silverware and napkins and trying not to spill her smoothie all over her all-white outfit. Siwa is obviously both chivalrous and respectful of a monochrome fit.

This is the first we’ve seen of Siwa since her split at sea from ex-girlfriend Avery Cyrus. The two broke up after two months of dating and a week-long Royal Caribbean cruise together, the Gen Z version U-Hauling. But their partnership never got its sea-legs, with Siwa and Cyrus announcing the split via a TikTok clip of Siwa handing Cyrus an arcade game prize and saying, “This is my ‘Sorry for Breaking Up With You’ present.”

While they parted “as friends” according to a comment left on the video, Siwa later addressed their split, saying she felt used when Cyrus, her most recent ex, went on vacation to Europe with her other ex Soph Mosca.

Siwa’s life is a TV show and it’s putting L Word: Generation Q out of business.

Photo Courtesy of BFA/ John Salangsan