Jerry Seinfeld Is Making a Movie About Pop-Tarts

Jerry Seinfeld Is Making a Movie About Pop-Tarts

From Weird Al biopics starring Daniel Radcliffe to dating app grifter true crime dramas, Hollywood sometimes feels like it's just pulling ideas for new projects from a hat and Jerry Seinfeld's latest film is no exception.

The comedian is set to star, produce and direct a new Netflix comedy about everyone's favorite mass market toaster pastry, Pop-Tarts. Teaming up with the same minds that brought us the animated fever dream known as Bee Movie, Spike Feresten and Barry Marder, the new movie, titled Unfrosted, is based on a joke from Seinfeld's stand up routine about the game-changing invention of Pop-Tarts.

As he has previously dissected in a New York Times interview, the joke mainly pertains to Seinfeld's own childhood amazement at the arrival of the breakfast treat back in the '60s but if you actually dive into the history of Pop-Tarts there is a lot of material to sink your teeth into. A quick glance through the Wikipedia turns up a ton of interesting bits of history — from how Pop-Tarts were actually the product Kellogg created in the attempts to beat competitor Post to market after the latter had prematurely unveiled their version of the pastry called "Country Squares," to the fact that their launch was such a success that the cereal company struggled to keep up with demand during the early stages.

Unfrosted comes as a part of Netflix's multi-year deal with Seinfeld which brought his Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and specials 23 Hours to Kill and Jerry Before Seinfeld to the platform. Netflix also recently inked a global deal to bring the comedian's namesake series to the streaming service as well for the next five years.

Production on Unfrosted is expected to begin next spring.

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