Are Belted Pant-Boots the New Normal?

Are Belted Pant-Boots the New Normal?

Be still my throbbing heart, and wavering sense of style: Jennifer Lopez has stepped out in thigh-high, slouchy, belted, denim pant-boots, which means thigh-high, slouchy, belted, denim pant-boots are the new normal.

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We've had to contend with many denim interpretations of late. Jeans that are so distressed they became shorts, holding on to their ankle-cuff origins by a literal thread. This denim thong, which sold out in anticipation of festival season. The jean belt that could be interpreted as a very, very short denim mini.

But these boots, with their belt for each shoe and back pockets (in case you need some extra storage), are the first of their kind.

Unlike the various Forever 21 versions, these denim pant-boots are the first boots to resemble actual pants — as if J. Lo could pull them up a bit and have just the right pair of jeans to wear bowling. But these are not jeans and J. Lo isn't going bowling. They're Versace stiletto thigh-highs (complete with the belt tag) and paired with a boyfriend-style dress shirt and mini Birkin.

The question remains, would you wear them? And where do we draw the line?

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