Fans Think Jeffree Star, Tati Westbrook Are Feuding

Fans Think Jeffree Star, Tati Westbrook Are Feuding

The internet-at-large is currently speculating that a possible feud is brewing between two MUA YouTube heavyweights — Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook.

It all began when fans noticed that Star had unfollowed Westbrook on Instagram, and while there's a possibility it was a complete accident, one particular theory is gaining steam amongst die-hard followers.

Last Friday, Westbrook released her debut makeup collection, Tati Beauty, a moment she told E! Newswas a huge career milestone for her. That said, seeing as how Star's much-buzzed about Conspiracy collaboration with Shane Dawson is due to be released this Friday, November 1 — just one week after Westbrook's — fans are suspecting that the competing release dates could have something to do with the unfollow.

"I'm guessing it's because she told him she would be launching this around the time that the Shane pallette comes out, and he didn't like that," one fan wrote on Twitter, while another expounded on that idea by theorizing that Westbrook and Star "had a business disagreement."

"Jeffree didn't want to compete with Tati on Christmas sales, naturally Jeffree is threatened cause EVERYONE has been anticipating a Tati make up line and knows this is tough competition," they continued.

Meanwhile, others contended that it was possibility that both parties were purposefully waiting for each others' announcements to launch their own products.

"Oh so Jeffree and Tati fell out because Jeffree wouldn't move the date of the Shane collab away from the launch of Tati Beauty," one person wrote, while another alleged, "Jeffrey and Shane were waiting for Tati to drop her launch date so they could post episode 4 and drop their date too. And she waited until JC announced his release date for the mini palette."

That said, others have surmised that there's probably no bad blood to begin with. Instead, they're theorizing that both Star and Westbrook are really just trying to keep things as drama-free as possible, especially in the wake of the latter's feud with James Charles from earlier this year.

"I think after the James drama they are just staying mutuals. She's never shared the excitement about the conspiracy palette," one person wrote in response to a question about why Star isn't talking about Westbrook's palette. "I don't really think there's any drama behind it."

Neither Star nor Westbrook have publicly commented on the speculation.

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