Jeffree Star Had a Lot to Say About Haus Laboratories

Jeffree Star Had a Lot to Say About Haus Laboratories

It was bound to happen, and the review is finally here — makeup guru and YouTuber extraordinaire, Jeffree Star, has finally reviewed Lady Gaga's new beauty line, Haus Laboratories. Grab the popcorn.

Every beauty brand knows that a Jeffree Star review can either make or break you, and receiving a stamp of "Jeffree Star Approved" is the makeup version of getting the Oscar for Best Picture. Star evaluates based on several criteria beyond the function of the product, including how heavy packaging is and whether or not a product line as a whole is robust enough.

Now, after countless tweets requesting the official Star take, Jeffree has decided to give the fans what they want: a lengthy, swatch-filled 30-minute review of the Haus Laboratories line. The full collection, as it stands, includes an eyeliner and an "armor masque," liquid shadows and highlighters, lip liners, and hyper-pigmented lip glosses. While it's not a full line with foundations and more, what's been put out is impeccable, according to Star himself.

In fact, he was absolutely obsessed with the products in Gaga's first launch, with his only critique being that there wasn't more to try. Watch the full review, below, and see if Haus Labs ended up with a stamp of approval.

Photo via YouTube