There's a New Way to Wear Your JanSport Backpacks

There's a New Way to Wear Your JanSport Backpacks

The humble JanSport backpack getting the avant-garde treatment is a sentence we never saw coming. Thanks to upcycling artist Nicole McLaughlin, the most ubiquitous of high school accessories is being transformed into wearable art — and for a good cause, mind you.

From today until April 26, you can enter a sweepstakes you get your hands on one of the six styles from the collection, including a sports bra (pun intended), zipper slippers, "JanShorts" and a fishing vest. To enter, you must visit and buy a $5 entry ticket, with all proceeds going towards the Slow Factory Foundation, a nonprofit focused on climate and supporting environmental impact through education.

McLaughlin is known for making bespoke upcycled pieces from some of the world's biggest brands, including Crocs, Reebok and Fila. Her quirky, conceptual designs highlight the message of sustainability and working with discarded materials and giving them a new life.

"My love for JanSport has only grown over the years," said McLaughlin in a statement. "It's my earliest backpack memory, so to work with them on this capsule collection using samples and worn pieces to highlight sustainability feels predestined. I hope when people see the pieces, they not only understand the importance of extending the life of products through repair and upcycling but how much you can make with them."

Photos courtesy of JanSport