The Internet Reacts to James Charles' Grammys Invite

The Internet Reacts to James Charles' Grammys Invite

The internet wasn't too happy to see James Charles on the Grammys' red carpet.

On Sunday, the controversial influencer popped up at the awards ceremony, much to the anger and annoyance of fans, who wondered why he was there as someone who isn't involved in the music industry.

"james charles being at the grammys this year tells me everything i need to know about their invitations," as one person wrote. Meanwhile a second critic added they felt "like if james charles can be on the grammys red carpet so can i" and a third went on to express their confusion over "a literal predator" being there instead of artists like Ariana Grande, who revealed earlier today that she was skipping this year's event.

However, the biggest talking point was the 22-year-old's alleged sexual misconduct involving several underaged fans, with a commenter criticizing the Grammys' decision to "invite James Charles, someone who has admitted to grooming underage minors for sex on MULTIPLE occasions?"

"Why do we just ignore that this is happening? Why does he continue to be asked to events?," they continued, while another wondered how the disgraced beauty guru was "everywhere other than prison."

Meanwhile, others made it clear they were less than thrilled to see Charles by making dark jokes about the situation.

Last year, the social media personality was accused by multiple boys of sexting, grooming and inappropriate behavior, including a 16-year-old who claimed Charles knew he was under 18 but still sent unsolicited nudes and pressured him to reciprocate. Notably, Charles refuted that particular accusation by insisting it was "completely false," though he did go on to apologize to "anybody that I've hurt or anybody that I've made uncomfortable with my actions" in a YouTube video titled "holding myself accountable" after three more people came forward with similar stories.

"These conversations should have never happened. Point blank, period," he said at the time. "There's no excuse for it."

Charles has yet to comment on or respond to the backlash.

Photo via Getty / Mindy Small