Jameela Jamil Posts Photo of Her Cellulite

Jameela Jamil Posts Photo of Her Cellulite

Body positivity activist Jameela Jamil has always been vocal about the problematics of beauty standards — criticizing our culture's obsession with diet pills and ample airbrushing. Now, in an attempt to encourage other women to embrace the features typically labeled "flaws," Jamil has posted a photo of her own cellulite, which she lovingly refers to as "babe-bumps."

Over the weekend, The Good Place star took to her Instagram to share a photo with the phrase "Love every inch" superimposed on top of herself.

"Even the bits you were told were 'wrong,'" she wrote alongside the photo. "They aren't wrong, they're fucking normal. They're human. Thank your body today. It's your friend. Whether or not fashion and film told you it is..."

Jamil concluded the post by writing, "These are my babe-bumps."

That said, this isn't the first time Jamil's showed off her own "babe marks" online. Earlier this month, the star posted a photo of stretch marks on her breasts, calling them " a normal, beautiful thing."

"I have stretch marks all over my body and I hereby rename them all Babe Marks," Jamil wrote. "They are a sign my body dared to take up extra space in a society that demands our eternal thinness. They are my badge of honour for resisting society's weaponizing of the female form." She also added an addendum encouraging fans to "love" their brown skin and called for a ban on skin-bleaching products, as the idea of pale skin being the epitome of beauty is "inherently racist, classist, and emotionally very damaging."

True that.

Photo via BFA