Jaden Smith Says Eating Arugula Makes Him Horny

Jaden Smith Says Eating Arugula Makes Him Horny

Red Table Talk, the roundtable show hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, her mother Adrienne Banfield Norris, and daughter Willow Smith, made some interesting revelations this week — including that arugula apparently makes Jaden Smith horny.

It all started with the Smith family coming together to discuss a series of topics such as eating disorders, health and fitness. Will Smith then shared how in order to lose the extra weight he gained while on vacation, he started fasting.

"I had the epiphany that I actually don't know anything about food," Will said. "I know how to eat to make my body look muscular, but I actually don't know how to eat to feel good. I don't know how to eat to be healthy."

To put their concerns to rest, Will then brought in a nutritionist who asked the family about their health, sleeping patterns and eating habits, at which point Jaden admitted that eating arugula makes him "horny," followed by Will's own odd confession about how his pee often looks like beer.

Will also shared how him and Jada had to hold an "intervention" for their son, Jaden after he went vegan."He was wasting away. He just looked drained, he was depleted, he wasn't getting enough nutrients," said Jada.

Will added: "He had the dark circles under his eyes, there was even a little greyness to his skin. We got really nervous." Since then, Jaden has switched to being a vegetarian.

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