Jackie Aina's New Palette Launches Race-Related Debate

Jackie Aina's New Palette Launches Race-Related Debate

MUA YouTuber Jackie Aina's forthcoming Anastasia Beverly Hills palette has sparked a race-related debate online thanks to the name of one of her eyeshadows.

Aina, who's long been a vocal proponent of inclusive makeup, announced the collaboration yesterday. However, it didn't take long for (white) critics to latch onto a shade dubbed "Wiggalese," which they believed was a nod to the term "wigger."

"The word Wiggalese who is just racist AF when u remove the 'lese' from it but yea since its Jackie shell get a pass," one person wrote. Another added that it's a "shame ABH included a word with a slur in it."

However, as others pointed out, the name is likely just a reference to wigs and the criticism is problematic in and of itself.

"literally saying wiggalese is a slur when all it means is wig language makes no sense," a fan of Aina responded. "Its [sic] a word that is made up anyways!! they wanna be oppressed so bad. they want a black women to lose money so bad." Some commenters were more blunt, writing things like, "Wiggalese refers to wigs, like the hair. You idiot."

Unfortunately, it even got to the point where Anastasia Beverly Hills' Norvina Claudia had to respond, writing, "Absolutely not. I would never allow that."

"It's about wigs," she continued, before adding, "Also why would Jackie name one of her own shades .... nvm."

Aina has yet to respond.

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