The Pride Flag Gets an Intersex-Inclusive Update

The Pride Flag Gets an Intersex-Inclusive Update

Originally created in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, the rainbow flag has not only been the most recognizable and enduring icon of Pride (and a convenient color scheme for complicated corporate activism every June), but has stood the test of time as a symbol of inclusion for the queer community, and designed to grow and evolve alongside it.

The past few years have seen the Pride flag get a few updates with the inclusion of a black and brown stripe to represent queer people of color, as well as the incorporation of the transgender flag's colors by designer Daniel Quasar. Now, thanks to Valentino Vecchietti, the flag has been reimagined once again to finally include the intersex community.

The new Pride Progress flag, created in partnership with the Intersex Equality Rights UK, incorporates the colors and design of the intersex flag. First introduced in 2013 by Morgan Carpenter of Intersex Human Rights Australia, the design adds a purple circle against a yellow background into Quasar's update of Baker's original design.

Intersex Equality Rights UK shared the new flag design online, writing that since they posted, "Intersex people and allies from all over the globe have said it is bringing them joy to see intersex inclusion in the Pride Progress flag." The organization also went on to specify that the design was freely available upon request for anyone to use, as well.

"Please know that our intention for this flag is create intersex inclusion because we need to see it," the organization said. "Whilst we have done our best to gather Information about other iterations of the rainbow flag, so that we can credit people with their work. We understand that we may have made unintentional omissions simply because we don't know. We ask for your patience, and please know that we are always grateful if someone wishes to share their knowledge to fill in any gaps. Thank you for your understanding."

Photo via Getty/ Edward Smith