Indya Moore Opens Up About Being a Sex Trafficking Survivor

Indya Moore Opens Up About Being a Sex Trafficking Survivor

Posebreakout star Indya Moore revealed that they are a survivor of sex trafficking.

In their history-making cover (they are the first nonbinary trans person to be featured by Elle), Moore talks about how they turned to the internet at 16 in order to find female hormones.

Explaining that they met people on Facebook who promised that they could help "get the money that I needed to be a woman," Moore began taking directives from these people who were "basically, my pimps."

"I didn't understand what sex trafficking was at the time," they said, before later adding, "I was just a kid."

"They told me that all I had to do was play with these men who will come in for a moment to see me and play with me and then they'll give me money," Moore continued. "I stayed with them, and they had men come over and have sex with me." They also were told that they "needed to do it continuously so that I could afford hormones."

Not only that, but after moving in with their then-boyfriend's family, Moore said they had to continue in order to help out with money and food.

Elsewhere in the interview, Moore also opens up about their time at Rikers due to an assault charge stemming from a fight with their boyfriend, being bullied, and taken off hormones. Read the entire piece here.

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