The Internet's Obsessed With Ina Garten's Enormous A.M. Cocktail

The Internet's Obsessed With Ina Garten's Enormous A.M. Cocktail

In stressful times, sometimes a drink is just what you need — and, obviously, no one understands this better than Ina Garten.

Earlier today, the Barefoot Contessa/Glossier influencer decided to share a recipe for her version of a cosmopolitan, and it's pretty much the ultimate quarantine cocktail.

"During these stressful times, it's important to keep traditions alive, and my favorite tradition is the cocktail hour," she said in her IGTV video, before adding, "So you need a big pitcher, because I like to make a lot of Cosmos. You never know who's gonna stop by. Wait a minute... no one's stopping by."

Even better, Garten then proceeded to pour out literal cupfuls of Grey Goose vodka and Cointreau for her (9:30) A.M. imbibe — something she explained by saying, "during a crisis, cocktail hour can be almost any hour."

Given the response to her video though, it's obvious that the internet wholeheartedly agrees. From jokes asking someone to "check on" her to rightful proclamations calling Garten a "hero," it sure seems as if everyone is on board with the Barefoot Contessa's morning pick-me-up. Now, excuse us while we mix up some cosmos of our own.

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