IDK Launches Free Harvard Music Business Program

IDK Launches Free Harvard Music Business Program

Rapper IDK is paving the way for the next generation of music industry professionals with the launch of a music business program for students of color at Harvard University.

The 29-year-old rapper is leading the charge for a comprehensive 10-day program called No Label Academy, which is intended to help students of color specifically to jumpstart their careers. The course is absolutely free, as the website says that its main focus is on "democratizing and reframing what is attainable in the industry."

The program was also made in partnership with brands like Nike, Guess and Converse.

"I decided to create this program for the purpose of letting people in the BIPOC community know that a job in the arts is a lot more realistic than what society makes it seem these days," IDK said in a statement. In a post to Instagram, he also wrote, "We belong in the places where few of us exist. I'm making sure the world sees that."

Harvard Law School professor and director of the Transactional Law Clinics Brian K. Price will be serving as an adviser for the program.

The program will be happening from August 21 to 31 in the university's Boston campus. Applications are currently open.

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