Holy Mountain: Witches Sabbath Will be Worth the Sacrifice

Holy Mountain: Witches Sabbath Will be Worth the Sacrifice

by Tiffany Leung

Friday the 13th is looming. On this dark day, New York's nightlife OG Ladyfag is unleashing another Holy Mountain in Brooklyn.

Hosted at The Avant Gardner in East Williamsburg on Friday, December 13, Holy Mountain's "Witches Sabbath" theme will play off "lots of folkloric and pagan tales and imagery all leading back to witches and covens," according to Ladyfag.

As always, this iteration of HoMo will come with an exciting twist: a coven "beauty" pageant. "Everyone dresses up on theme for Holy Mountain, so we want to celebrate that." Ladyfag says. "We're having an actual pageant where you can come up on stage and show off your lewks to win cash prizes."

The night features pop's freaky princess Brooke Candy, who will be performing tracks off her new album SEXORCISM with a few other surprise guests. "[I'm] so psyched Brooke Candy is performing live," Ladyfag says. "Her new album is major and it's called SEXORCISM, so it's sort of kismet for our Witches Sabbath theme. It's a match made in heaven, or glorious hell in this case."

Holy Mountain will also be dropping some witchy beats by Amrit, Mazurbate, Skin, Nita Aviance, and more.

For more information on Holy Mountain: Witches Sabbath, click here, and watch Ladyfag's bizarre beauty pageant in the short film, below.

Photography: Marco Ovando