Here's Every Piece of Clothing From Yeezy Season 5

Here's Every Piece of Clothing From Yeezy Season 5

Did you hear what happened yesterday?! Yeezy showed! Yes, Yeezy!

It was this thing that people were enraged by, boycotted and speculated about for weeks prior and when it finally arrived and there was no drama! None! Kanye did not make an appearance, there was no joint album release and the show was all over in 13 and a half minutes, but no one fainted! No one was probably even that overheated! It all went down at a convenient location!

Also, worth mentioning of course, the collection was actually very good! Yeezy stayed true to military-inspired minimalism this season, but mixed it up by incorporating colors other than nudes (reds! blues!). West genuinely put forth some very beautiful, timeless pieces as well as very wearable staples! There was also Halima Aden, in her fur!

So essentially, everything went smoothly. Can you believe it? Can I believe it? Can we all believe it?

Images courtesy of Yeezy