Here is the Closet of Our Queen, Mariah Carey

Here is the Closet of Our Queen, Mariah Carey

It's been a full minute since we were last permitted inside of the home of your favorite diva-non-diva and mine, Mariah Carey, but Vogue has allowed us to slither back in to get up and personal with a slice of Mariah's haven — her closet.

Mariah takes us around her shoe/lingerie/normal (?) closet, opening with, "I'm not as casual as most people, but I guess I could be," with monogrammed champagne flute in hand. So what did we learn?

She loves her shoes — but primarily her Adidas Adilette pool slides.

Floyd Mayweather gave her a hot pink Birkin and wants everybody to know it.

Mariah has "chipmunk cheeks" which makes sunglass shopping so difficult! Yikes!

She has Marilyn Monroe's compact and speech from the Golden Globes.

If she had her way she would just wear lingerie (@me).

She's always looking for a nice little "number" — no matter the price.

But bustiers are only for private times.

What an absolute queen. Check out the video below, every second is a gift.