'Slave Play' Cast Gets Drenched in Paint for Helmut Lang

'Slave Play' Cast Gets Drenched in Paint for Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang the designer was a pioneer in a lot of ways, with his influence and enduring legacy still felt on runways today. One of his earliest creations that became a hallmark of his brand was the painter jean, first introduced on the runway for Spring 1998. While not necessarily a groundbreaking concept, it became symbolic of Lang's subversive approach to fashion's establishment. (The garment's blue collar connotations were not exactly embraced widely by luxury designers at the time.)

Now, with a plethora of design references to work with, Helmut Lang the brand is reinterpreting its codes for a modern shopper. As part of its Resort 2019 collection, a group of T-shirts and sweatshirts are covered in paint splatter details, recalling the brand's original painter jean and its place in history. The range also features an embroidered HL logo and is available for both men and women.

To celebrate the collection, as well as the historic nature of the painter jean, the brand tapped Jeremy O. Harris and the cast of Slave Play to play in a stark white set and fill the space (and themselves) with colorful painterly strokes. The scene, which also features singer Tei-Shi and a group of her friends, was captured in a short video showing the cast drench themselves in paint while decked out in uniforms and Helmut Lang-branded buckets.

See the 47-second clip, below.

Photos courtesy of Helmut Lang