Hayley Kiyoko's First Fragrance Is All About Embracing Your Flaws

Hayley Kiyoko's First Fragrance Is All About Embracing Your Flaws

by Brycen Saunders

Hayley Kiyoko has a new fragrance coming, marking her first venture into the world of beauty. And in keeping with her gender-inclusive mantra, she wants everyone to embrace what makes them unique.

"We are all different shades of the spectrum," she tells PAPER. "We're all unique and special and there's not one label or box that defines that. So it's really about embracing your hue and embracing who you are and making sure that shines because that is what makes the world so special and unique."

The star's new endeavor has always been a dream of hers, one rooted in the huge role fragrance has played in her life, specifically as a means of confidence and armor. "Fragrance has had such an impact on my life and creating this comfort and armor for myself," she said. "I think that we all kind of struggle with self-doubt or confidence and I think for me personally, smelling good was another layer of being able to not only protect myself, but support myself during times where I wasn't getting the validation that I was seeking."

Throughout the two-year process of designing the bottle and perfecting the scent, Kiyoko's mind was always on her fans. Formulating a signature scent isn't easy and like anything worth the wait, it took some time and dedication.

"It's kind of like music where you create the music and you're like, 'Oh, it's not right,'" she said. "It's not making me feel a certain way, but there's no magical equation. You just have to kind of experiment and go with it. So I'm excited to be able to share with everyone."

With notes of peony, lychee, rose and magnolia, the unique scent is just as bold and colorful as Kiyoko, as well as the love she wants "HUE" to exemplify. Releasing on March 3rd, the fragrance is currently available for pre-order here.

Photography by Trevor Flores/ Courtesy of HUE