Hayley Kiyoko and 'Bachelor' Star Becca Tilley Confirm Relationship

Hayley Kiyoko and 'Bachelor' Star Becca Tilley Confirm Relationship

After four years of intense speculation, Hayley Kiyoko and Becca Tilley have publicly confirmed their relationship.

According to People, the big reveal happened last week during the premiere party for Kiyoko's brand new "For the Girls" music video. A parody on the Bachelor franchise, the video was a nod to Tilley's past as a contestant on the show so, naturally, the celebration ended with the Jems and the Holograms star bringing Tilley onstage and presenting her with a "final rose" and a kiss.

Even sweeter was Tilley's emotional Instagram Story the next day, which left no room for anymore questions surrounding their relationship. Writing that she'd "been crying on & and off all day," the reality star said that she didn't know how to "properly form adequate words to express how much the love and support means," though she wanted to thank "everyone who has known about us for the last 4 years and gave us the time and space to do it in our own time."

"The magnitude of that alone is not lost on me," she continued, while expressing her gratitude for her partner.

"Hayley, thank you for showing me how to be brave and how to love myself," Tilley said, adding she was "so glad" she no longer had to "avoid pronouns" on her podcast, Scrubbing In — something she's circumvented by referring to Kiyoko as "95p" when talking about their relationship.

Not only that, but Tilley also made things grid official by uploading an adorable supercut of some of their cutest relationship moments, alongside the caption: "hard to say if this is a hard or soft launch, but it is a launch." And Kiyoko's response? A heartwarming comment about how it had been "the best four years ever," before ending things with a simple, "I love you becca." Aww.

Check out Tilley's post below.

Photo via Getty / Charley Gallay