Harry Styles May Be In Your Bed for 'Late Night Talking' Video

Harry Styles May Be In Your Bed for 'Late Night Talking' Video

by Bailey Richards

Harry Styles takes sleepwalking to a whole new level in his latest music video. In the video for Harry’s House standout “Late Night Talking,” Styles, clad in polka dot jammies, goes on a silly little adventure. Instead of his usual private jet, however, he travels by... bed.

Throughout the Glee-coded video, Styles finds himself in a series of beds: one in a museum gallery, one on a brightly lit stage and one in the middle of a field. At one point, he also ends up in a Grandpa Joe-style bed — that is, of course, full of beautiful people, a hallmark of Styles’ music videos (see: “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar”).

Later in the video, Styles finds an unconventional way to avoid steep gas prices: by rolling down a busy London street on — you guessed it — another bed. Fans got a sneak peek of this scene in February, courtesy of Splash News. The video ends with the singer falling again, plummeting through the sky (presumably to a very painful off-screen death) and credits roll over a shot of his feet — Really Harold? For free? — kicking in the air like an iPad baby watching Cocomelon.

“Late Night Talking” is the second official music video off of Styles’ third studio album, Harry’s House, the first being for the chart-topping, Tik-Tok viral “As It Was.” In May, Styles’ fans received an unexpected unofficial music video for “Daylight,” when James Corden directed one in a Brooklyn apartment for a segment on The Late Late Show with only three hours, $300 and a dream.

After headlining Coachella (where he first teased “Late Night Talking”), dropping Harry’s House and heading off an international tour all in one year, Styles has definitely earned some beauty sleep. But with months of touring left this year and a leading role in two movies — Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman — premiering this fall, the star shows no signs of slowing. Hairballs, rejoice!