Harry Styles' Gucci Campaign Killed Us Once Again

Harry Styles' Gucci Campaign Killed Us Once Again

Harry Styles, a man who was likely born wearing an immaculate tweed suit with embroidered lapels, has returned as the face of Gucci Tailoring. You will recall his previous two campaigns — they both involved cute pets. The latest, shot by Harmony Korine, is no different. In all his handsome, headbanded glory, Harry poses among swans and piglets. He is resplendent.

According to Gucci, the brand's Creative Director Alessandro Michele envisioned Harry as "an eccentric yet nonchalant character accompanied by a gang of animals." Korine delivers on this premise, adding a few trademark touches — Styles's slide sandals and unshaven mustache are a little reminiscent of the laid back aesthetic in his recent flick The Beach Bum.

The campaign's dreamy video features Styles ambling around in an abandoned-seeming garden filled with creepy Greek statues. He spray paints, scatters pages from an old book in the wind, and also does some origami. Eccentric! Nonchalant! No doubt there is deep and meaningful symbolism in all of this, but it's also worth noting that Harry is just... incredibly good looking. The man can sell a suit.

Photos courtesy of Gucci