Get Your Hands On That Harry Styles Cardigan
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Get Your Hands On That Harry Styles Cardigan

Harry Styles knows we all want a piece of him. That's why the singer is giving everyone the opportunity to purchase his viral patchwork cardigan — to have, and to hold. Well, sort of.

The singer’s iconic piece, or rather, a hyper-realistic digital copy of it, is set to be auctioned off as an NFT for the website Xydrobe, with all proceeds from the sale being donated to the Akt charity that helps out LGBTQ+ youth that live in homeless or hostile environments.

You probably remember the cardigan up for grabs — it took over TikTok last year after Styles wore it during a rehearsal for The Today Show in New York. Everyone wanted to make their own version of it, labeling it the #HarryStylesCardigan, so much so that J.W. Anderson, the label that originally created the piece for its Spring 2020 menswear collection, created a tutorial for people that really wanted to recreate the look.

Leave it to Xydrobe to recreate it better than anyone else. Fashion United reports that the website’s visual effect artists spent over 300 hours creating each piece of the cardigan’s yarn in 3D.

Speaking about the sale, JW Anderson’s founder Jonathan Anderson explained why he chose to have the project sold as an NFT. “I think we have had a lot of iconic pieces in the relatively short history of JW Anderson, but the cardigan, in particular, became iconic because of social media,” he said. “It just felt right that this jumper that exploded online should also be recreated as an NFT.”

If you want to get your hands on it, you’ll have to wait until December 12 when the bidding goes live at £10,000.

Photo via Getty/ Anthony Pham