Harris Reed’s World Smells Like Charred Roses and Patchouli

Harris Reed’s World Smells Like Charred Roses and Patchouli

by Dylan Kelly

British-American designer Harris Reed is crafting a world of their own in fashion, one that champions the beauty of fluidity and fosters outside-the-box experimentation. And while the recent Central Saint Martins graduate continues to make a name for themself with decadent blouses and wildly extravagant hats, a new category launching today officially comes into focus: candles.

The 23-year-old creative designed the candles alongside their mother Lynette Reed — a scent-making connoisseur with over 25 years of experience in the fragrance industry. Before launching her now-successful brand Illume Candles, Lynette spent years testing various waxed aromas in the family garage, a passion which has now passed on to Harris' namesake label. Over the past three years, the mother-child duo have created a multitude of scents in search of the perfect signature smell to define the Harris Reed oeuvre, and now, their hard work has finally paid off .

"Working alongside my wonderful mother Lynette is one of my most special moments to date, it's been so thrilling to collaborate with her on this project and we're extremely excited to share this with you all," said Reed in a statement. "It is part of the Harris Reed world I am beginning to create, all within an open and accepting environment."

The collaborative candle capsule arrives with two scents: Patchouli Fever and Charred Rose. The former offers a spicy, citrus aroma, melding flavorful top notes of lemon, orange, tangerine and neroli with bitter middle and base notes including black pepper, tobacco and coffee. In contrast, the latter exudes a forest-fused floral smell, underscoring pleasant top notes of dark rose, geranium and patchouli with woodsy notes of amber, fir and birch tar.

Both candles fall into the "Thriving In Our Outrage 2020 Collection" and feature artwork by Reed's long-time collaborator Lukas Palumbo. The signature illustration shows a hybrid, gender-fluid being with arrows that lead to bilateral gynandromorph butterflies — a distinct species that has two equal-sized, majestically-formed halves.

"The butterflies featured within the design are very unique to me," said Reed. "They are loud and opulent, embody beauty and fluidity, are delicate and rare, and really convey everything I truly stand for."

Head to Harris Reed's website to shop the limited edition Patchouli Fever and Charred Rose candles.

Photos by Laura Allard-Fleischl at The Standard London