Hardeman Is Redefining Everyday Fashion

Hardeman Is Redefining Everyday Fashion

Words by Justin Moran / Photography by Emily Lipson

Hardeman "deconstructs what is normal and redefines daily life in fashion," says designer Sophie Hardeman of her New York-based, Dutch brand.

For Fall '18, this meant appropriating classic staples like sweaters, polos and jeans, and giving them slightly unusual, subversive edits. "Warped polo stripes and wobbly collars reformulate our everyday kind of polo," Hardeman details. "Jeans that redefine your daddy's closet; puffy denim pants that celebrate individuality."

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At the brand's pre-NYFW casting, Hardeman's progressive values were present in her models, as well — a mix of people she says "represents all parameters of society. It's not about being controversial or confident," but rethinking what exactly that means in the context of modern life.

Check out photos from Hardeman's New York Fashion Week casting, below.

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Photography: Emily Lipson