Watch the HAIM Sisters Sum Up Our Awful Year

Watch the HAIM Sisters Sum Up Our Awful Year

It's safe to say that once 2020 is all said and done, no one is going to miss it. Between the deadly pandemic, the countless demonstrations against police brutality and rampant racial injustice in this country, Trump refusing to accept the election results, the loss of Kobe Bryant, RBG, Chadwick Boseman, murder hornets, Tiger King,Fleets, Quibi and whatever the deal is with those monoliths, this year has been objectively terrible and we'll all be happier to be on the other side of it in just a few weeks.

But while we wait to finally put last nail in 2020's coffin, the HAIM sisters have returned to brighten up our socially distanced holidays with an updated cover of The Waitresses' 1981 hit, "Christmas Wrapping." Enlisting the help of Thundercat and tapping Jeremy O. Harris to pen the lyrics, HAIM throw a topical spin on the holiday classic with lyrics about botched haircuts, Zoom calls, Queen's Gambit, Pizzagate, rat cannibalism and even a few of the year's bright spots like Zendaya winning an Emmy, "WAP" and the trio's own album of the year nomination.

"Christmas Wrapping 2020 (all I want for christmas is a vaccine)" arrives alongside an equally campy DIY music video that sees HAIM pull off some tight choreo while lo-fi graphics from Pedro TQM bounce around the screen. The whole thing feels like watching a home movie your little cousins threw together in iMovie and gathered the whole family around after dinner to watch the "premiere," but in the most fun and wholesome way possible. If the lyric, "Spent too many days this year on TikTok, drinking wine and weeping," didn't hit so hard, we'd even say share it with Grandma.

Check out HAIM, Jeremy O. Harris and Thundercat in the official video for "Christmas Wrapping 2020 (all I want for christmas is a vaccine)," below.

Photo via YouTube